Posted by: atowhee | November 12, 2022


Eat, then relax. What better place for a preen and sheen…than a roof?

Same nine turkeys every day, multiple times. T-9, benign. None of the aggression and threats of courtship and breeding season. Now it is soft cawing when I appear. No wide open tail feathers. No testosterone-laced toughness. “Oh, will you give us more sunflower chips? Coo, coo, caw…” The benign T-9 will be back tomorrow. Will they be roofers again?

Another lunar dawn with blue skies. That squirrel, same one surely, loves to sit on that pole and survey. The squirrel always takes the power line from within the same nearby Doug-fir. Why that pole, that place? A squirrelly mystery to me. It’s the same part of the garden the jays and crows use to survey the vicinity.

Click here for fine piece on Osprey.


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