Posted by: atowhee | November 4, 2022


Blake Nolan has produced a wonderful video of the waxwing flock clearing the haws from the hawthorns at Yamhill sewer ponds this past weekend. Click here for eyeful of waxwing wonderfulness. First bird on Blake’s video is a juvie with “dirty” chest. There is no chewing (and no teeth either) or pecking about. Each berry is swallowed whole. The wax on the wings comes from the superficial wax on many hard berries, like haws, which the birds ingest, then exude onto its own feathers, adding a bit of colorful waterproofing.

Research into waterfowl migration–click here.

There she blows. How many dogs get to meet a humpback? Click here for one.

Here’s an even better humpback story–whale mother adopts, click here.

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