Posted by: atowhee | October 30, 2022


Marty Karlin hit the road with wife and camera: “September ended with a two-week trip through Oregon from Ashland, where we live, to the Olympic Penninsula in Washington. One feature was watching a herd of elk go through mating rituals. Some of these pictures are x-rated. October is ending with  a special hour that a Great Gray Owl  allowed us to observe while he was hunting. Lucky experiences all around. Here’s a few samples. Complete collections, including a pelagic trip 40 miles off the coast of Washington, and others, are available at

The GGO was in the southern Oregon Cascades. They don’t do wet very well. Their breeding range in Oregon’s Cascades stops south of Mt. Hood. In Washington State they are found only in the eastern third.

Checked on my old GGO book. Amazon has used copies for around $34. There are only 1000 copies, not being re-printed.

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