Posted by: atowhee | October 27, 2022


Now there are ten Wild Turkeys in our neighborhood. The flock of nine was in garden at least twice today. And then three blocks away was a single tom foraging alone.

Can you help a Salem-area horse rescue operation? If so, click here for GoFundMe link.

President Biden created a new national monument in Colorado. Click here.

Land birds. Water birds. How they diverged as they evolved. Click here.

How many fingers do you have? A bee would count starting with your left pinkie–click here.

Bees can be electrifying. Click here.

Well-known humpback found dead in British Columbia. Click here.

Mississippi River drying up. Click here for description. Mark Twain would be astonished.

Chimps. Self-medicating on camera. Click here.

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