Posted by: atowhee | October 17, 2022


Steve Klein lives near water in the California Sierra (while there is still water) and his night vision found as rowdy gang on his patio. Here’s Steve’s description: “Otter extravaganza last night, so I HAVE to send this out!

“We are about to remove the patio boat for the season. When I was
cleaning up yesterday, I noticed the remains of a crawdad feast on the
boat carpet. So I set a camera up in the boat pointing at the spot of
the feast. And I set a second camera on shore, pointing out on the dock
toward the boat.

“Did I ever get my money’s worth with this footage! Turn your sound up to
hear all the Otter noises (growls mostly). About midway through, a young
guy comes on the dock apparently separated from the rest of his family.
He lets out interesting lonely bleats/chirps/squeaks).”

Click here for otter chaos.


This photo is by Erin M. Ulrich, president of Rogue Valley Audubon, taken in Jackson County. Lewis’s with over-sized beak!

It is a keratin disorder, cause ??? Click here for some background. A decade ago this was written; “some scientists believe the deformity may be caused by pollutants in the environment such as organochlorines, which are found in some pesticides. They are also looking at nutritional deficiencies and disease as possible causes. Studies on these deformities — which may also include crossed beaks, overgrown talons, enlarged leg scales, and feather discoloration — show that baby and juvenile birds are spared, suggesting it’s likely not a genetic disorder. But much research remains to be done to target the cause.”

Four years ago the USGS was positing a viral cause of the keratin krisis–click here.


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