Posted by: atowhee | September 20, 2022


We can imagine, maybe even hope, that most people will come to recognize our dependence on the many forms of life that share this planet. Where would we be without trees, carbonized ferns of eons ago, brewer’s yeast, microbes turning grape juice to wine, without lactic acid bacteria making yogurt, without leather or cotton or wool or silk or chickens or dogs? Life without mushrooms, without the bacteria and molds that produce cheeses, the goat or sheep or cow’s milk for such cheese, wheat, corn, rice, plantains, oranges, pecans, almonds, kiwi fruit, melons, potatoes? Let us all embrace our dependence on the other living parts of this tiny planet, and the get busy saving what we have not already destroyed.

I just recently listened to an audio version of Elizabeth Kolbert’s Under a White Sky. It looks at how we’ve changed the planet and its climate and how our modern cultures and agriculture and economies may have flourished in an unusually stable era of climate and now we set about making the kinds of extreme shifts that have led to previous life crises, extinctions, radical changes in life on Earth. Are we going to blunder on like self-destructive trilobites? Tone-deaf stegosaurus ignoring all the sirens and warning calls from nature and our fellow organisms?

Click here for look at Ukraine War and its relevance to the energy problems.

Click for survey of some of the issues of sea level along the US Atlantic Coast.

The sea level rise will have huge economic impact–will it happen before the global economy is so damaged that there is no will or way to stop the worsening of global warming? Click here for current suppositions about climate vs. profit. From the Pakistan floods to the Puerto Rico hurricane, how much longer will there be resources to try to repair? Are we past the days of re-building? Sure, billion$ will be $pent to $ave New York, maybe even Miami and Calais, but Mombasa? Calcutta? Algiers? Caracas? Can you imagine any national or international system that would try to save those billions of refugees? What of the religions and economic faith that hate birth control (and women’s rights) and insist on further over-population? My grandkids will witness a very disquieting time, should they survive.

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