Posted by: atowhee | September 13, 2022


A bit of review of the Malheur Field Station Birding Expedition, Sept. 7-11, 2022.

We saw only one Marbled Godwit—at Knox Pond.  We saw a single Wood Duck (female) at Benson Pond.  We saw a single Cassin’s Vireo at Sodhouse Farm.  There was one Warbling Vireo at refuge headquarters one morning.  Our only junco came huffing up the near vertical side of the East Rim Overlook on Steens Mountain.  Elevation over 9500 feet.  We had one Chukar sighting—a covey climbing the rock face of a road cut near MP45 on Hwy 205.  We saw one flock of crows—dozens at Frenchglen.   We saw a lone Loggerhead Shrike (they are almost always alone) along Hwy 205 between Greenhouse Lane and Hotchkiss.  We saw one phalarope species—hundreds of red-necks in the Burns Sewer Ponds Avian Resort.  We had our only Dunlin there as well.  We found Burrowing Owls in only one spot—a farm field on west side of Crane-Buchanan Road less than a mile north of the Crane Store. We saw just one species of non-flicker woodpecker–two Lewis’s at headquarters. One birder down from Montreal was there looking for that specific species to photograph.  We got all our meals in one place—the brilliant Malheur Field Station cafeteria!




These quail ignored the stop sign and kept running.

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