Posted by: atowhee | September 5, 2022


Over our Salem home recently we’ve seen a lone, calling Canada Goose flying past. Lost its mate? Flock? Parents? The gathering of House Finches here now numbers at least fifteen, perhaps many more. They to-and-fro so often and in so many directions they are not really countable unless I could attack a little blue tape to a leg after each one is tabulated.

I will be off to Malheur this week. Here are some recent photos from eastern Oregon by Albert Ryckman:

Above: kestrel with large insect–large grasshopper?; Sage Thrashers; nightjar-likely a Common Nighthawk. Many of the Malheur area’s breeding species have headed south, but passing and wintering migrants are about. Very dry there–Malheur Lake is now less than a foot deep and covers less than 500 acres. That means its surface is not even one-tenth of the lake’s capacity. Most reservoirs in Harney County are dry, including Chickahominy which can be a shorebird magnet in fall…when there’s water and mudflats. Our birding trip this week is sponsored by the Malheur Field Station and we will make the loop drive over Steens Mountain. Yellow aspens at 7000 feet.

These three images are from Smith Rock SP, just north of Redmond:

Antarctic’s big melt–no mere paddy, entire glacier. Click here.
That glacial melt will increase sea level across the globe. One low-lying Louisiana island (click here) is already being evacuated. Even the state’s governor admits these are “climate change refugees.” This is said out loud in a state dominated by big oil and its money and its heedless re-engineering of the Mississippi River Delta and Gulf coastline.

How will this go over? Poor nations asking rich ones to pony up (click here) to battle climate change. I can just imagine the two American “parties” agreeing to raise taxes in US to help Benin and Eritrea. And our Supreme Court upholding such a law. when Justice Thomas’s wife sues. Or Canada cutting back on fracking and paying for electric airlines. Or Japan agreeing to stop using plastic in cars and helping Vietnam prepare its coast for flooding, then agreeing to take refugees from Pacific atolls as they vanish. Or just watch our own Lone Star Republic admitting its abominable petroleum based greed and guilt and helping Mexico and lands further south solarize their electrical grid. Yeah!


  1. I’ll be looking forward to reading what you find at Malheur this fall.

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