Posted by: atowhee | September 4, 2022


The jays are in our garden at first light. Not long after Sunday’sr sunrise, two crows perched shoulder to shoulder on the wire in front of our house. Siblings or pair, they were together. One preened, pulled out a fluffy insulation feather, then held in the beak tip for a couple seconds before flinging it into the air. On our front lawn are myriad turkey feathers. So we are no longer simply a fast-food cafe, we are a seasonal changing room, new plumage follows old.

The summer of the grosbeak:

Unlike sparrows, buntings, cardinals’ cousins, finches are seedeaters that will perch high:

American Goldfinch in muted fall plumage.

Recently we watched some intense, attentive fishing at Riverfront Park where Pringle Creek meets the Willamette:

Moose are returning to the mountains of Nevada–click here.

Another Las Vegas drought story…from another Las Vegas, click here.

Seen any large earthworms lately…doubt they were REALLY big, click here.

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