Posted by: atowhee | August 29, 2022



Valley fever will be a disease that spreads as desertification increases in North America–click here.

Assuming special dispensation from Nature, more and more Americans are choosing to live in sunny cities with no water. Click here. Watching such trends can one separate ignorance from arrogance? Oh well, I will die before they outlaw a lawn? Vegas has done that already–click here.

Oregon has one main wildfire right now–north of Grants Pass, click here.

New Jersey is moving toward prohibiting use of oceanside flood zones–click here.

Meanwhile, science is telling those who will listen that sea level rise is going to continue–windmills or not. Just with current heat and CO2 levels the Greenland ice sheets will contribute over ten inches of sea level rise–click here. Then there’s the whole Antarctic continent, Arctic, Siberia, high mountain glaciers…
Maybe what we need is gigantic solar-powered ice-making machines? Pile it up in Wyoming where nobody wants to live anyway, or Kamchatka.


There is considerable popular support for taking action to stop or reduce planetary baking–click here. The problem: corporate wealth and power…no way for public to have a national or global referendum…nationalistic political systems that take no responsibility for planet’s health…inability of individuals and groups to comprehend the extinction threat we are daily worsening. Throw in some high measure of competitive greed, Putinesque lust for power, tribalism and hatred of “The Others,” and religious fundamentalism, and we got ourselves a hot stew bubbling with CO2, a tint of methane for flavor.

There is some effort to curtail food waste here in the U.S.A.–click here.

And even some information how our harmless products may not be harmless after all–click here.


You can love your dog, and vice versa. Or a hamster or iguana, or chicken, or especially a milk goat or two, your horse, your cockatiel. There’s a Philly man who trumps all that, he goes out and about with Wally Gator, click here.

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