Posted by: atowhee | August 27, 2022


California is going to try to stop purchase of internal combustion buggies–click here.

Meanwhile red states, led by the state I escaped in 1963 (Missouri), want to stop California. Click here. Red State America must be a parallel universe where CO2 is good news, global warming means citrus in Duluth, methane is practically laughing gas, and some deity somewhere is busy manufacturing evermore petroleum that we can import from Galaxy 341-GH. Just beam it down by cell phone. Hell, if it gets hot enough here on Earth the wheat will be baked before we get it out of the field, right? Saves time, more efficient… About those starving billions? Oh, must be God’s will…

If we run out of ice, seems we can always import some from Mars–click here. At least Elon Musk could afford to.

They don’t drink that ferrin’ wine in MIssouri, but some of us will take note–drought means early harvest in France–click here.

Germany, always one to use technology, has launched world’s first hydrogen-powered trains. Exhaust: H20.


  1. Harry,

    It’s always so refreshing to read your ever so colorful prose, punctuated by common sense. Thank you for expressing the …. Obvious?


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