Posted by: atowhee | August 12, 2022


A biographer writes of his final talks with James Lovelock. Click here.
Lovelock died on his 103rd birthday, naturally. Click here. Gaia.

Bird flu has hit Farne Islands’ sea birds–click here. One of the wonderful species I saw there was the Razorbill. Some pics of this bird by Albert Ryckman:

There are also Arctic Terns on Farne Islands, which are off the eastern coast of Northumbria, England.

In my old home state of Missouri, a bird showed up far north of its usual haunts. Click here.

A bird we thought we’d lost. Spix’s Macaw is back in the wild–click here.

A whale of an exhibition…about whales, click here.

Do you know the second-largest whale (and living species) on earth? Click here to see them in Antarctic feeding frenzy.

Meanwhile, Antarctic is losing its largest ice sheet, twice as fast as previous (click here) estimates. Time to sell that beach front condo and move uphill, like 200 feet above current sea level.

Some of the American west goes from drought to floods–click here.

Be smart about bees’ smarts. Click here.

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