Posted by: atowhee | August 9, 2022


Maturing, migrating, molting–the bird world is in motion right now. You can read about it by clicking on this link to my piece on Salem Reporter website.

Then the adult male flicker stopped by for a bite. Been hearing flicker calls, but with the usual summer plentitude of food, sightings have been mostly fly-bys. The local flickers live in our garden once winter arrives–suet, yum!

I don’t see grasshoppers often any more. As a farm kid in the Ozarks one of my summer jobs was to pluck the myriad grasshoppers off the garden corn and green beans, then carry them in a gallon jar to the chicken yard…my first encounter with mass murder. Maybe all that daily carnage hardened my feelings so I could survive a TV newsroom during Zebra murders, Patty Hearst kidnapping, Jonestown, Manson murder cult, etc. etc. etc. Gotta say this shining green ‘hopper is better behaved than a lot of our fellow hominids, and he’s all-nartural

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