Posted by: atowhee | August 6, 2022


A young Western Tanager wandered through our garden yesterday. I had one previous sighting–bright male back in early May. They don’t nest nearby. It is the season of wandering and dispersal before migration.


A scientist has published report accusing his fellow researchers of foolhardy optimism concerning climate change. Click here for this punch to the plexus. “Catastrophic warming scenarios are underexplored. Our risk assessments are also simplistic and not suitable for thinking about extreme risks. If anything, we are betting on the best case.”

The CEO of Patagonia has boldly stated the obvious–most corporations don’t wanna deal with climate problems–where’s the profit gain in that? Click here. Plastics, oil, tires, synthetic fabric, more plastics, deforestation, CO2 emissions, airplanes and cargo ships, off-gassing methane. Why change what makes money?

Craziest Climate Event Emmy…goes to Flooding in Death Valley. Click here, this is not a QAnon fantasy.

While the desert floods, river dry up.
Thames–click here.
Rhine–click here.
Platte water wars–click here. This one hits close to heart. If there is not enough water in the Platte every March it would be disaster for the hundreds of thousands of cranes who make this stopover on their northward migration…along with the dozens of Whooping Cranes who cling to survival.
Here are some Albert Ryckman shots of cranes on our local Sauvie Island late last winter. Our tallest and most stately Oregon bird:

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