Posted by: atowhee | August 4, 2022


I stepped our into our quiet, shady back garden about 2pm. A raccoon on the snuffling around our planters looked up at me, ran to the nearest plum and shinnied up toward then top. Then I was looking up. Earlier crows and jays looked up mat me as I watered, and they garnered peanuts from the driveway. A hummingbird buzzed a treetop, looking up I saw him. And I was dead-heading roses when I heard a chip note, looked up and saw three CB Chickadees looking down at me.

Later I drove around to check out the two Osprey nests in our neighborhood. Looking up at them I saw two Osprey at each one.

Nest #1:

Nest #2:

Crows, busy at bone of Salem’s busiest intersections in mid-afternoon traffic. Cars–pshaw:

Today things were looking up…despite news and smoke and fire and burned books and…

Our species has not done well by our planet and fellow creatures.
The publisher of my first book–FREEWAY BIRDING–just got burned out down in Siskiyou County. All printed copies of the book not already sold…ashes. Click here for the webpage for books that will have to be reprinted. It is still an eBook on Amazon. Click here for update on that book-burning McKinney fire.

We have forced other creatures to live in our plastic world. Click here for examination of that.

Turns out, not everybody wants American trash any more…click here for this latest phase of the Plastic Age.

Tonga’s underwater volcano produced huge amounts of atmospheric water vapor. Click here for: now what?

Saving some species…does what for other species? Click here.

How the Piping Plover has become a public enemy among those who consider themselves privileged. Click here.

The Rio Grande is becoming a seasonal stream it seems–click here.

The Earth is spinning faster, days are shorter. Click here.

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