Posted by: atowhee | August 3, 2022


Some have referred to August as “dog days.” Supposedly that is to indicate lying about, laziness, boredom, Only if you don’t pay attention. Autumn is in the air. Bees and cabbage whites are frenzied. Thistles are seeding. The healthy Doug-firs are adorned with hundreds of soft and still-pale cones. The big walnuts in our neighborhood are starting to ripe unripened nuts–those with the slick green coating. It is the start of the annual walnut shower which leads to a seasonal squirrel frenzy as they try to gather all the nuts before the crows do.

Crows! One did her morning preen in front of our home this week. I still see more molted crow feathers than any other species hereabouts. Then two juvie Steller’s came for peanuts. “Mama said…”

“Our” House Finch family, goldfinches and Mourning Doves all appreciate our sunflower seed bounty. The bark-climbing creeper was in Clark Creek Park, on one of those nutty walnuts. Both local nuthatches were in garden this morning, The white-breasted were honking, family of three I think. Then my wife and I having a quiet lunch alfresco and we get buzzed by a Red-breasted Nuthatch–silent but determined. We finally realized he was warning us to stay back while he got a drink. He drank and quietly departed. Once I got too close to a nest hole with young inside, an adult came at me beak first. I ducked and departed.

Above, some of berries on south-facing thickets are ripe now. The web was only visible from one angle. Water striders astride the current on Clark Creek. Spider-like, they are insects with six legs and walk on water. Holy true, walking on water.

One surprise this week, Green Heron in Clark Creek Park. Maybe after those invasive crawdads? First time I’ve had a summer sighting, always before it has been in spring before nesting begins.

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