Posted by: atowhee | August 1, 2022


Today I saw robins eating berries from blueberry bushes in two different neighbors’ gardens. My own blueberries have just gotten ripe enough to be edible. How do the robins know? When do robins realize it is scrumping* season? Actually, robins have a year-round scrumping season–haws and rowan berries well into winter. A sample berry until they’re good? Check the robin calendar–“Oh, August 1 means eat blueberries”? Color? We know birds have superb eyesight and color vision.

Later I walked past a local daycare center, kids loudly racing around the play area. One adult said loudly “Don’t pick those blueberries. They’re not ready yet.” Sure, I thought quietly, leave ’em for the robins after you go home this evening.

Meanwhile chickadee families are busy all over. And the crows continue to make lots of noise. “What do you have to crow about?” That comes from our species. Crows know they have plenty to crow about, and proceed to do so.

Chestnut-backed, in a conifer, naturally.

*English slang for gathering fruit along sidewalks or parks or other people’s orchards.

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