Posted by: atowhee | July 25, 2022


Before Nora and I had reached the park I could hear the repeated honking calls. Nora is pretty deaf now so she heard nothing. Would I find the caller? There it was, in the trunk of the first huge walnut–Brown Creeper. Hustling up and around trunk and limbs, poking into deep barky crevices.
The last time I saw a creeper in the park was back in April.

The crow families are out and about in the morning cool now. At the park an adult was shepherding a couple of juvies around the basketball/tennis court:

In our garden now the spider webs proliferate. One small, green webster hung his threads above a blooming hydrangea. The web was more than a foot across while the weaver was less than an inch across, even with his fiber-sized legs splayed out. But nearby was blooming mint and its tiny blooms were crowded by flying pollinators equally tiny. Now we’re talking less than 1/16th of an inch–bloom or bug.

The heat also speeds up insect metabolism, so today the numerous cabbage whites were frantic in and out of plants–one neighbor’s garden had attracted a couple dozen. In this image there are at least four:

The green conifers against the pure blue of a cloudless sky–summer signified.

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