Posted by: atowhee | July 19, 2022


Inflation in the US is hot. The economy and housing market were hot, now maybe not-hot Crypto-currency? Shush, what’s real is being kept secret. In reality, where skies and birds and trees exist, there are no secrets to those who still trust evidence.

It’s hot in many places. Tuesday (fast going by in Europe) saw temp records shattered in Britain–for hot, not cold. Click here.

Why hot–click here for a look at causes.

A close friend who lives in London wrote this: “I have to say ‘glad you’re not here!’   It’s too hot to sit in the garden, which is mostly shaded by shrubs and trees that have grown enormously in the past ten years or so.  The last time I felt such hot wind was in Egypt’s Western Desert, in April 2009…We head to Devon for three nights to visit old friends…we’re going by train as those rails haven’t buckled in the heat like the rail line from London to Leeds and York!”

Our youngest son lives in a town north of London. It was 105F outside his house today. Few homes in England have air conditioning.

A whole section of the USA continues to bake right now. Click here–good map with deep colors.

Meanwhile, our nation shuffles into a future that makes me pity today’s youngsters. Click here. It could get so horrid they will recall school shooting drills as the “good old days.” Like our generation with our never-needed atomic bomb drills. There will be statues to the honor of Senator Manchin.

A global co-operative effort by activists and artists has been launched online, outside official control. Click here to read about the new World Weather Network.

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