Posted by: atowhee | July 12, 2022


I don’t mean our crows are ill-tempered or out of sorts. The family makes sounds like a wooden crank! Every day in every way.

This report and images from Dr. Tom Kuhn, long-time friend and a neighbor while we live in San Francisco: “Yesterday we went to the Asian museum to see Oliver Klink and Jackson Nichols movie ‘Aimuldir, Soul of the Burkitshi’. It was a fantastic glimpse into Mongolian life and customs. Amazing how they tame & imprint the eagles to hunt for them . They [eagles] can bring down fox and even wolves. Their clothing is often made out of the skins. Here are a few photos I took and also some from his website.” 

The dancers and musicians performed at the museum as well. The eagles are Golden Eagles, at home on the broad open areas. In the family Accipitridae, this species is found across the Northern Hemisphere in open lands–from Oregon to Irkutsk. These birds have very strong talons and are the alpha predator among birds and creatures smaller than a bear or cougar in their habitat.

The fire continues in Yosemite*. A good friend lives nearby in Mariposa County. I asked how they were doing and warned him that nature is coming for us. His reply on Sunday: “Nature’s getting me already. Today it’s smoke, so we’re gonna go down to Oakland, probably arriving just as the smoke gets there too. Also, I am literally watching trees die. The drought’s in year 4 and very real.”

You may have weedkiller in your blood stream. Click here for research into ubiquitous Roundup, et al.

Click here for more on fire–started by a “human.”

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