Posted by: atowhee | July 6, 2022


I’m feeling feather-brained. Birds saturate my consciousness (though i still don’t dream about them much). So I am counting molt feathers. Around my home I have found Wild Turkey(1), crow (4), Steller’s Jay (1), scrub-jay (2). At Ankney we found a Mourning Dove and a Barn Owl…feather from each.

Left to right: Barn Owl, four crow, 2 scrub-jay, Steller’s, Mourning Dove. Note all the fine filaments on owl feather–that is the sound-prevention design they have evolved.

Above: crows together (three times); chickadee at suet; young Lesser Goldfinch. Below: first chicory bloom of the year; hydrangea making a statement:

It was a family group of chickadees that casme into our garden today. Also, a true flock of Bushtits came through–at least a dozen, meaning it was an amalgamation of two or more families. Soon their flocks will number twenty or more.

Click here–hawk to scare pigeons, will it work?

Hot outside–burning energy inside. Click here.

Fifty years ago these prognosticators tried to warn us that economic growth and population growth would do us in. Who’d wanna listen to such BS? Grow, baby, grow. Click here.

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