Posted by: atowhee | June 28, 2022


Let me try to explain. We now have a quart of honey removed from behind the boards in our bedroom ceiling. Only took bee-keepers seven hours. They were done by 1AM this morning. The honey bees had first removed a sheet of insulation between the 2X4s and then packed the space with their honey combs. Thousands of bees were removed and will be transplanted to a hive outside.

Some of the honey comb

This note from John Bullock in Ashland: “We have a couple of does in our neighborhood with fawns, and they all have become so humanized that strange behavior ensues. I’ll attach a couple of pics. I can’t believe that one doe has taken to ‘hiding’ her fawn on our front porch when she goes off to browse.” [Note–the Bullocks do not have a dog in their home or garden.]

I am now beginning to find molted feathers lying around. Large birds have fledged their young for the year and can spare the energy to grow new feathers–crow & turkey feathers seen so far.

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