Posted by: atowhee | June 26, 2022


Hot is hot. Our shaded thermometer outside hangs beneath a shingled roof…and it hit 100 today as the sun tried to melt the asphalt shingles. Little bird action. Squirrels ate early, then off to rodent siesta shade. The rose blooms mature and petal-drop in short time. Flies, spiders, ants (see below), dragonfly air force, bees all in motion. The air, too, circulating as the hot air rises, pulling in cooler air from out there by Lincoln City and its oceanic neighbor. Meanwhile, hot is hot.

Crow family lined up for morning’s peanuts

There are numerous loud-mouthed teenage crows about now, with their parents. The young have this snarly voice theybnuse to ask for another snack. Most birds have relaxed into quiet notes, even silence. That is notm the way of the social crows.

Saw my first turkey fldgling yesterday. A single youngster chasing after its mother across a street near our home. None have been in our garden for a couple weeks,

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