Posted by: atowhee | June 19, 2022


During my life there have been many changes–that’s what our species does in 75 years of war, peace, technological revolutions, population increase, global trade and profitable corporations always on the prowl. Space travel, nuclear weapons, Internet, digital information & gadgets, satellite communications, climate change, English’s linguistic domination, social and political changes unforeseen in my parents’ day, ever more chemicals for farming, manufacture and “medicine.” Perhaps one of the best changes has been the partial demise of the mid-20th Century view that people were a unique species chosen by one god to dominate all others. Those lesser creatures had no insights, no emotions, no rights or wrongs. They were put here to be used. That was my Midwest up-bringing which I have escaped.

Now many scientists, as well as those of us who pay attention to the rest of nature, know that many animals and perhaps plants register the real world and react to it. Culture, language and emotions are not limited to one species. No person who understands reality would say, today, “man the tool-maker” which was one incorrect meme formerly used to make us feel superior.

Click here for excerpt from new book summarizing what we now know about what they know, those many other organisms sharing our planet’s endangered biosphere. This part of the book describes how we create sensory pollution–lights and noise and how it alters the na tural world around us. The author repeatedly points out that Europeans and North Americans can’t see the Milky Way in the night sky.

Britain left nthe EU and that may have killed a two-decade old corvid research lab inm Cambridge, UK. Click here to read about the rooks and jays that work there …and their people, too.

What social animal like? Click here for one scientist’s view that we are like wasps. That stings, doesn’t it? Yet our species is dangerous, both individually and as a hive, or group.

Global warming may encourage natural and people-induced hybridization to strive to survive. Click here for a look at that possibility.

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