Posted by: atowhee | June 13, 2022


More of Barbara Rumer’s enthralling shots from our Malheur Field Station birding trip in June. I especially likwe this composite of our courting male Lark Sparrow at Buena Vista:

The crane colt in this image is the only one we saw! The hawk just above is Ferrugy with some chest coloring but that wide gape insures his ID.

Here are some of John Matthews’ images from our May trip:

John writes: “Here are some teasers of the over 4000 photos that I have been going through…. nothing too rare… but we had fun didn’t we?!

“I got one that I think is a Merlin at Hdqtrs that I don’t remember us listing. I thought that it looked like what Sibley shows as the ‘Prairie’ variety.

“I ‘published’ 166 photo on my ‘Flickr’ account in an album I named ‘Malheur May 2022’.. You can find it by going to and look for photos by ‘Oregondew’ (that’s me)  Other intesting shots include the G Blue Heron with someone’s egg in it’s mouth and a Long-billed curlew with it’s beak open..  I had fun trying to get the Wilson’s Snipe on the final split second of its dive back to the ground… not a nice picture but I was surprised that I got it. I was pleased with the Bald Eagle and it’s chick in the tall trees across the road from the P Ranch taken in the sleet. The badger face was one of my favorites. Boy did we see a lot of beautiful White-faced ibis… they really seemed to glow when I got the right angle of light on them! Lots of interesting birds that we just don’t find in many places west of the Cascades.”

We saw an arriving flock of Lewis’s Woodpeckers…at P Ranch. By June they’d left for their nearby montane nesting range.

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