Posted by: atowhee | June 9, 2022


The loafing mergansers were on Detroit Lake. On return trip we saw Barrow’s Goldeneye on Lost Lake. The puddle near the boat ramp is the remnant of Chickahominy Reservoir in Harney County…down from capacity of 530 acres. No fish or fishing there so there were only three campers in extensive campgrounds. The juniper with nest is the Hwy 205 Ferrugy nest in use for several years–three nestlings therein as of June. The raven nest in dead Russian olive is near Malheur field Station–two juvies therein. The YH BLackbird was doing a vibration display. The Mountain Bluebird was at Sage Hen Rest Area along US 20 west of Burns. This male bluebird and his mate were using the nest box on the trunk of the aged juniper. ERock Wren on bush, Sage Thrasher o n fence post. Red-tail is seen near Hampton, OR, with his local harassers. Suttle Lake, last image, above Sisters has lots of water.

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