Posted by: atowhee | June 9, 2022


The Boblink’s arrival each spring at Malheur is signal event for many birders who visit. Me? Guilty of bobolingering desire. beyond the eye-smacking plumage this little icterid has quite a suite of courtship maneuvers. At bonce ther male can be musically meoldious, mirthful, a mummer, a flutterer, a tail flasher, a glowing sprite of intensity and desire. When the attentive female appears they may join in parallel flight to a nearby cozy covert for some avian intimacy. Those of us watching are now bobolinked–we have shared the joy, surprise, comedy, admirastion, wonder, envy and sympathy after seeing such a performance. May the Bobolink overcome all manmade dangers here and in South America and continue to enliven wet meadows from Minnesota to Malheur.

Last image: some of our bobbers watching male on fence across the raod. This sequence witnessed along Diamond Loop west of the hotel.

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