Posted by: atowhee | May 23, 2022


Our part of Salem does not reverberate with great singers. The rock cafes are elsewhere. When there’s opera in town it’s off in some theatre. Once in awhile I hear recorded music play from a neighbor’s house or vehicle. Meh. There seem to be no chorus frogs, few crickets. No Mockingbird or thrasher or skylark. We do get some goldfinch song, a few short and bold phrases from the Bewick’s Wren. Mostly it’s caws of crows, various announcements by jays, a brief tune from the Song Sparrow, a buzzing towhee, a drumming woodpecker. So I am attentive now that out local acapello profundo is performing off and on through the day: Black-headed Grosbeak. One singer? A pair (as females sing as well as males)? Competing birds settling in to nest? We hope so. A female frequents the feeders even after the window incident…see below.

I yhiougght I had witnessed a grosbeak disaster. A female slammed into our front window, despite the flashy6 scare tape mthat hangs there, shaking and shimmering and keeping nearly all birds away. Did she panic overr a passing predator? Was she confused by this new terrain after many days of migration? She lay stunned in the fern below the window. After a few minutes of recuperation, she left, bacl to ther world of grosbeaking.

Stunned, but undaunted apparently.

The little guy is a Wilson’s Warbler, a bird I rarely see in my garden. The towhee, and hidden sapsucker, the dining nuthatch are local regulars. The waxwing was alone and a surprise, probably the only time this year I will see a waxwing in our spring garden, or see a lone waxwing anywhere.

I saw my first dragonfly of the year today! Hooray, ’cause I’m seein’ aphids…oh ladybug, ladybug, where are thou?
The chickadults are feeding young in the cherry tree cavity.

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