Posted by: atowhee | May 16, 2022


Here are some photos from Sevilla Rhoads who lives east of the Cascades. She and her children live close enough to a nest site to monitor the activity:
“Today we think we saw a GGO in last year’s nest.  From a distance, I sat quietly for a while watching with my binos and I saw a tail moving, then the owl turned its head and I managed a photo.  Photo attached, but it is hard to see because I was so far away with a long lens.  I blew up the photo to the max magnification so you can see the face and tail.

“Also, we had a Northern Goshawk fly into our neighborhood…  It tried hunting some sparrows by feeders during the cold weather.”

Woodpecker appears to be a Williamson’s Sapsucker. The foggy pic of a perched GGO was another day and place, not at the nest. Ms Rhoades is working to protect known GGO nests in eastern Oregon from an on-going fure suppression campaign that is now burning forest meadows…she may be abvle to convice the feds to stay naway from nests or wait until the owlets are flying.
If you know of a GGO nest site on National Forest land, let me know. It will not publicized but could be protected from flames and smoke.

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