Posted by: atowhee | May 15, 2022


UPDATE: Three votes in so far…two for Black-headed, one for Black-headed hybrid.

Susan Harrison was on the recent Malheur Field Station birdig trip with me. We encountered this freezing, starving bird near P Ranch, snow falling. The bird let us within a few feet as it was focused on food for survival. Is this a Rose-breasted Grosbeak or some hybrid thereof? Here are four images Susan got:

My next Field Station sponsored birding trip: June 2-7. There are some seats on the van still open. Best trip for Bobolink and Eastern Kingbird (not here in early May) and Common Nighthawk. Call 541-493-2629 for details.
September trip is 7-12, includes trip to summit of Steens Mountain and a visit to the snow-tortured aspens with horizontal trunks.

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