Posted by: atowhee | May 14, 2022


Click here for “The Day of the Chickladee Photoshoot” as it appeared in The Salem Reporter.

Ar Fairview Wetlands today only summer birds to be seen. Canada Geese with goslings, total of 14. * Mallards and some ducklings, about 8-9. Three swallow species: Barn, Cliff, V-G. Wilson’s Warbler. Red-wings louder and more aggressive than the other birds. Vaux’s Swifts…in the air where they live.

In bloom: hawthorn, blue lupine.

Bob Lee’s great shot from south Salem:

They’re back–I saw tanagers in two locations near our house in south Salem today.

*It is likely that resident western Canada Geese are not native, or were here before 1800, wiped out when guns arrived in the 19th Century and then recolonized the Willamette Valley. Writing in 1940 Gabrielson and Jewett said thes birds nested ONLY east of the Cacades!
A 2000 state/federal/international report on the control of the bird’s expanding population said: “PP western Canada geese have been very successful in expanding their breeding range and are commonly found throughout most suitable habitats. Whether through transplant programs or natural pioneering, PP western Canada geese have expanded their historic distribution significantly over the past two decades. This range expansion has been facilitated by the popularity of PP western Canada geese with wildlife managers and the public. Numerous management programs, such as artificial nesting structures, have been implemented to increase production of western Canada geese. A number of state and federal wildlife management areas currently have active programs to promote western Canada goose populations. Private gricultural practices and residential/park developments have also significantly increased and improved habitats used by Canada geese.”

That’s from the “PACIFIC FLYWAY MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE PACIFIC POPULATION OF WESTERN CANADA GEESE.” That report with the loooong title was prepared by biologists from western states, US and Canadian governments.

Geese love lawns, soccer fields, and other manmade conveniences.

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