Posted by: atowhee | May 12, 2022


From buirder Chris Soper on our Malheur trip: “Harry, thanks for a fabulous week and look forward to the next adventure!!  Look who we found at MP 18…as we departed (bottom photo)—unbelievable experience!!”
No guessing–photo evidence says “Burrowing Owl!” Next pic: Prairie Falcon on post north of Frenchglen.

From Phil Burton: “I drove home via Rock Creek Rd from below Frenchglen (no bluebird again) towards Plush- a wonderful road in excellent condition. I saw this pronghorn, sagebrush sparrows, lots of horned larks and even some AMGOs in with them. Saw my PRFA (near the GHOW cave) but missed the mythical sage grouse (again). A wonderful trip–Phil Burton”


  1. I hope to be so lucky to see these birds and pronghorn when I leave Monday.

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