Posted by: atowhee | May 8, 2022


Some Malheur/Haney County notes

After one full day of Malheur Field Station sponsored Birding Trip

The is almost no surface water along Hwy 205 south of Greenhouse Lane.
Ten surface area of Malheur Lake is around 10000 acres, about one-fifth of its’ surface area when it is full enough to flow through The Narrows to Mud Lake west of Hwy 205.  Mud and Harney “Lakes” are now arid prairie and give off dust storms when there is enough wind.
Between Field Station drive and Malheur NWR HQ there are wet fields, mostly south of Sodhouse Lane.  In one we found pair of Blue-winged Teal, just east of Sodhouse Historic Farm road.
Pond at headquarters nearly dry.

Hothckiss Lane and north end of 205 do have flooded fields.  It was also the only areas so far with water in roadside ditches. 

Hwy 205:  Milepost 17, usual Ferruginous Hawk nest
MP 18: Burrowing Owls east of highway
MP7:  the pond near electric sub-station nearly dry
Harney Lake Lane: Golden Eagle nest on second cliff face west of 205
GHO nests: near gym at Malheur Field Station (MFS), and in  ponderosa just east of HQ public parking lot.

MFS now has bird blind with feeder station and water feature south of Dorm E.  On day plagued by wind hail and rain squalls we saw small birds there not seen in the wilds: Chipping and White-crowned Sparrow plus both goldfinch species.

Buena Vista has plenty of water: many Eared Grebe in breeding plumage, Redhead, American Bittern.

Diamond has many wet fields, one had over 300 ibis and a Snowy Egret.  Snipe winnowing there and along Sodhouse Road.

Chickahominy Lake is small pond, looks like somebody just left the garden hose running. 

Brothers Rest Area had pair of Horned Larks in parking lot.

May 8, before breakfast: tanager, oriole, yellow-rump, quail all visible and active around HQ feeders. Likely juvie male Indigo Bunting at MFS bird blind!

Above: lark…chipper…Old Borck the Badger. Below: Chickahominy puddle:

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