Posted by: atowhee | April 16, 2022


For exctly two weeks I followed the chisel work, the beak brilliance, the calls, the excavation of a flicker nest hole in a dead cottonwood in our nearby park. Got shots of the wood chips flung into the air. Both birds in the pair worked hard, were around the hole after work stopped.

Then today:

Squirrel hole, thanks to two woodpeckers. This is why flickers are a keystone species. Their excavations serve many other organisms from fungi to flying squirrels. This is just an ordinary acrobatic squirrel. Very pleased to be just fifteen yards from the nearest huge walnut tree.

The flickers will drill again, maybe this time they can hang onto their real estate.

Here are some of those photos from the halcyon days when the flickers ruled:

Naturwe persists. Over our back fence this afternoon a sapsucker working on a nest hole, in the dead top of a birch:


  1. Your photos in this series were often illuminating and unique. I’m on team Flicker, and so felt a little pang. Thanks for your great observations.

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