Posted by: atowhee | April 12, 2022


Time for a round-up of images from our far-flung correspondents.

From Mike Lund in North Carolina:

Brown Thrasher and Cedar Waxwings.

From James Charles Wilson, Golden, Colorado, mountainside, his garden foreman, Steller’s Jay. Of all the corvids I have heard–at least twenty species–Steller has the most convincingly insistent voice. When he or she comes speeding in to get a peanut or simply clear other birds from the feeder, that loud, shocking “shuck, shuck, shuck” yell works every time. And then the same bird can always use a fake red-tail or red-shoulder hawk scream to further freak the feathered listeners:

From Mark Lundgren, here in Oregon:

The male Mandarin is in a park near Portland. Goshawk here bin the Willamette. Northern Shrike here in Salem.

Personally pleasing for me–two photos taken by my wife, Kate–the abandoned domestic ducks we rescued from a city park in Salem and re-located to a pond with other ducks on a horse rescue ranch in Polk County:

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