Posted by: atowhee | April 11, 2022


Closer to reality: everything changes eventually.

Humans brought non-migratory Canada Geese to the West Coast for hunting. The geese brought themselves to town for safety and good grazing. Click here for story on attempt to enforce goosey birth control.

2022 is not bringing any let-up in the California drought. Click here for look at the weather data for first quarter.

One of the nation’s largest reservoirs is drying up. Click here for Lake Powell situation summary.

What’s a real drought…or a permanenty change in climate? Click here for look at 13 consecutive dry years in Chile.

A challenging article on “petromasculinity,” the connection between climate nihilism, big trucks, coal rollin’ and hatred of the Prius. Click here. I feel it when I drive our Prius east from Bend and huge gas-eating trucks go past at 80 MPH, engines roaring.

Our daughter got two inches of snow at her home in Portland overnight. First Portland snow this late in year since 1880s. We got hail here in Salem this afternoon. After sun came out, so did all ther hungry birds.

Climate change means more weather extremes. Click here for account of tree damage in the 2021 Salem ice storm–nearly18% canopy loss!

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