Posted by: atowhee | April 9, 2022


This update from Bay Area expert birder: “The first report of hooded oriole in Marin county in 2022 was March 10th in Bolinas. Many more have been recorded since. Such second week of March arrival dates have been the norm for years. –Dominik Mosur” Thanks, Dominik.

This just in from our Palm Desert correspondent, Rich Fineo.

Even there this oriole is a migrant who’s wintered even further south. The Hooded Oriole is closely tied to fan palms for nesting material. As our species has planted fan palms further and further north, this oriole has followed and now nests in fan palms at Stanford, in San Francisco and northward wherever its chosen tree thrives. Two hundred years ago this species was largely confined in California to palm encircled desert oases. Since then it has really gone to town.


  1. Fascinating story Rich ,You are so fortunate to have one these beautiful birds find your home

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