Posted by: atowhee | April 9, 2022


I saw both the male flicker inside the cavity, and the female showed up outside and they flew off for breaklfast about 830AM. Late morning just the male seemed busy inside again. Several previous days I had seen only the female at work though reserach shows the male is often spending over half the work time at their chosen nest site. But eventually she will do all the egg-laying, naturally.

A squirrel climbed around the tree trunk near the nest and then the male withdrew inside the nest hole.

I don’t know why this Mallard reappears in the same spot next to this small stream?


My wife and I lived in Ashland, Oregon, for eight years after leaving San Francisco–many wonderful people, memories, birding days, views of Oregon mountains. Climate change drove us out. Click here for story of climate refugees in the US. It begins with the story of a younger couple, from the Bay Area, who moved to Ashland, only to be burned out and thus, driven out.

There are predictions of more and more American climate refugees. What’ll we do with all those folks from Miami or Galveston or lowlands of San Diego County? They won’t all go to Vermont or Montana happily.

The Russians are not just brutalizing human beings in Ukraine. Chernobyl had become de-humanized like the Korean demilitarized zone, a haven for wildlife. Until the Russians invaded…click here if you want to get even angier at Putin-land,

Avian flu i n eastern US. Click here for status update–it does threaten wild birds, naturally. Click here for update on Oregon’s flu outlook, right now.

Now, we deserve some good news, so does the puma! Click here for that.

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