Posted by: atowhee | March 27, 2022


Anaïs Trépanier: 

Something crazy happened to me this week. I observed from afar a great gray owl on an electric wire. I had placed myself far from her at the end of a small field, hoping to photograph her flight. After about twenty minutes, it finally takes off, and it flies towards me!!! I see her closer and closer in my viewfinder, I click, I click… and Incredible: she perches on my lens!!!! She stayed there for about thirty seconds.

What a luck, two of my friends were there to take pictures of this unforgettable moment.
I asked myself the question if I was going to publish the photos. Honestly, I’m a little scared of the reactions. I especially wouldn’t want anyone to think that I attracted this owl in any way. I swear to you that is not the case. It’s a special behavior, a unique moment that I wanted to share. This is more information on the behavior of this bird, which I repeat, came without provoking it.
I consider myself very lucky to have had this experience!

Click on link to Anais’s Facebook page (his name at top of this blog) to visit it, there os another GGO perching image there! I always knew these fine feathered friends would find some use for our species, even though we smell bad and are too big to eat.

Karl Schneck read the above post and then sent me this: “Harry, the best way to get a close-up view of a GGOW is to set up a camera in their hunting grounds.”


  1. Whoa! Awesome. I am wordless!

  2. What a photo that would be!

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