Posted by: atowhee | February 24, 2022


The amount of greenhouse gas poured into the atmosphere by profiteering energy companies is much greater than has been previously “measured.” Click here.

Meanwhile, we now know that a Canadian energy company ran rampant over supposedly protected habitat in Africa. Click. here.

If there is any good news associated with the Ukraine invasion ordered by a close friend of The Donald, it is that a huge gas pipeline has been stopped, perhaps forever. That will force much of Europe to reconsider where its energy comes from. Maybe even some better effort to get renewable energy?

Closer to home–the U.S. government will provide zero water (click here) to the state of California this year. To help build more lithium batteries, California is planning on the next extraction boom, a Lithium Rush, click here. In Monterey they are trying to preserve more habitat for mthe sake of the condor and other wildlife, click here.

Wild fires (click here) are now global danger. Australia, in its summer, is currently where they are worst.

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