Posted by: atowhee | February 23, 2022


2-22-22 here in US; 22-2-22 in Britain. Five of a kind no matter how it’s dealt.

Philippe Pessereau went to see the Gyrfalcon. His images:

Here is range map for the species:

Turkey round-up in our garden:

California’s latest social media celebrity should be in hibernation, but his video tour continues. Hank the Tank, click here.

Co-operation is clearly a significant activity among social creatrures (including trees) that can aid survival. We could learn from the natural world, if mour species is to survive we must co-operate and not overheat the planet. Recently Australian scientists were humbled by a community of magpies, click here to read about it.

Another birder found another Willamette Valley Northern Shrike, too. “Here’s one I got on Bond Rd. here in Eugene a few weeks back – Jim Hardman”.

I find those faint wavy lines on the chest to be a subtle bit of finery.

A gallery from Mill Creek Wetlands:

Mill Creek snipe hunt. Can you find one not flying?

Black Phoebe hunts his part of the marsh:

Want to see the world’s tiniest “peacock” then click here for video:


  1. I especially enjoyed reading the story about the Australian magpies helping each other remove their backpack harness. We saw these clever magpies on our birding trip to Australia.

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