Posted by: atowhee | February 16, 2022


These three were at Clark Creek Park at 10:15AM today. I found ’em, who lost ’em? Do they belond to your neighbor? They could last awhile as I see no coyotes hereabouts. Too big for great Horned Owl. Bald Eagle. danger? Their Muscovy heritage shows. Can they feed themselves in the wild? Where’s the duck pellets?

Later today another park regular, another dog walker, told me a family deliberately dumped the ducks there last evening. Three domestic ducks on their own in the moderately big city, in a park where dogs are sometimes off-leash.

So with the help of several neighbors and kids from the next-door daycare center, we caught the ducks–a friend’s big fish net was the solution. They are now in a netted surround in our garden, fed and watered. Can we find somebody to adopt them?

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