Posted by: atowhee | February 14, 2022


Here in the western U.S. we are having a major climate shift. Click here to read summary of findings that we are in midst of worst drought in 1200 years.

Lake Shasta is more than one hundred feet below capacity height. Shasta’s current level is far below where it was last year at this time, and two years ago in February. It’s main purpose is water supply. A worker there today confirmed that low water level means there has been a significant drop in electricity generation, a secondary purpose of the dam. Here in Oregon most lakes and reservoirs are at low level. Malheur Lake is a puddle of its former self. Mud and Harney Lakes are not lakes but grasslands. Malheur can hold over 84,000 acre feet before it overflows into Mud Lake via The Narrows. Right now it contains about 11,000 acre feet, just over 12% of capacity.

Detroit Lake east of Salem is at 1466′ surface elevation right now. Full level would bring that lake’s surface up to 1563.5 feet above sea level…so it is nearly 100 feet below capacity. It is the source of Salem’s municipal water supply.

One organization in Berkeley is hoping to turn one greenhouse gas into profit. Click here for story of carbon dioxide becoming synthetic meat.

Click here for summary of research on plants showing the climate changing there.


Most of Oregon’s Yellow-headed Blackbirds migrate south for winter. Click for report on a mysterious incident involving a flock now in Mexico.

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