Posted by: atowhee | February 11, 2022


Melvin’s final report from the field, South Georgia: “On Salisbury plains. Most dense part but less than 10% of the rookery. It has 60,000  breeding pairs as well as fur seals, sea lions and predatory birds.

“Leaving South Georgia today to avoid large storm and high waves. Given internet limitations, I’ll try to send individual pictures as we make our way north and then west towards Argentina. Take care.”

South Georgia–photo by our Southern Hemispheric correspondent, Melvin Rueppel. Below: King Penguins illustrate social life in South Georgia.
I almost bought a suit like that once, but i just didn’t have the aplomb to pull it off after I’d put it on.

Click here for report on penguins even further south than expected. With climate change some penguins may have to move to stay where ice and water meet. Here in the Northern Hemisphere many species are expanding their range northward: cardinal, mockingbird, Black Phoebe.

Where is South Georgia? Way south of Atlanta, for sure:

Southeast of Argentina–there’s a phrase I’ve never used before on this blog.

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