Posted by: atowhee | February 7, 2022


Peter Thiemann writes: “CA Towhee and Yellow-bellied Marmot on Friday near Tule Lake. Photo by Eva Thiemann. Area frequented by Golden Eagles. They may look out for each other to warn about predators.”

Towhee would need to be wary of falcons, coyote, Burrowing Owl (if such there be), large snakes. Marmot adult would also dislike coyote, fear Golden Eagles and not want a rattlesnake in the den when there are young. This could be a mutual admonition society.

From a bit further west, in Butte Valley–this report from Lee French: “Got this photo yesterday of a dark morph Rough-legged Hawk. I was hoping to find a dark  morph Ferruginous… but was pleased to at least find this bird. Both species, as well as the more common light morphed versions, winter in the Butte Valley near Klamath Falls. Laurie and I also saw scads of eagles, both Bald and Golden.

“Drought has hit the wetland areas around Klamath Falls very hard, so the usual large flocks of wintering waterfowl were not to be seen. Would somebody with a sense of rhythm (as opposed to me) please do a rain dance?”

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