Posted by: atowhee | February 2, 2022


My friend Melvin Rueppel and I grew up together, friends for over 60 years. Now he’s at the Antarctic. His latest correspondence: ” This [was at] Paulet Island at about 63 degrees south on the Antarctica peninsula. We didn’t land because of the density of the wildlife. There is about 100,000 breeding pairs on the island. We should see Gentoo, Chinstrap and King’s on this cruise.”

Adelie Penguins, a fsavorite of the late Roger Tory Peterson. We wrote an entire book on his beloved penguins.

At Brown’s Bluff–the gentile Gentoo:

Alsi at Brown’s Bluff, more of the adept Adelie:

I am so old I am amazed that I get pictures from Antarctic that day they are taken! Anybody remember film cameras? Dark rooms? Negatives?
But then I used phones back BEFORE we even had dial phones. Our phone on a rural party line: three longs and a short, Crank phone on the kitchen wall–two tall dry cells inside.

For those of us less adevnturous–there are penguins as far north as the Galapagos and New Zealand’s North Island.


  1. Wow! What was the temperature?

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