Posted by: atowhee | January 22, 2022


Apples are members of the greater rose family. They may have originated in Central Asia (Khazakstan). Over three thousand years ago they had already been deliberately spread across Eurasia. Europeans brought them to America. From Adam’s apple to hard cider, from the Garden of Eden to Johnny Appleseed the apple is embedded in culinary and cultural history in many lands. Here in Oregon apples are beloved by man and bird alike.

I’ve always thought of myself as an apple appreciator. I eat them regularly–love the honey bees variety.
But even a golden delicious can be delish. I am a piker, a rank pale imitator. Fellow birder, Blake Nolan, took the time to stand quietly next to the Finley NWR apple tree and captured this video of two sparrow species going after the apple of their eyes, click here. This shows tyiou what authentic apple adoration should look and taste like.

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