Posted by: atowhee | January 8, 2022


Here is announcement of the annual bird symposium:

Registration for the 2022 Willamette Valley Bird Symposium is open now!

The 2022 Symposium will be held VIRTUALLY to ensure the safety of participants and broaden our audience. We are still offering great talks and opportunities for valuable conversations among bird enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. 

The 2022 virtual event will be a FREE event. Links for accessing virtual talks will be provided upon registration.

There will be multiple plenary talks this year by:

  • Dr. John Marzluff
  • Dr. Liba Pejchar
  • Sara Wolman

If you are interested in attending this year or know of anyone wanting to attend, here is the link for registration.

If you have any questions, please email or visit our website.


Noelle Moen

Willamette Valley Bird Symposium

Communications Team

For any of us who enjoy our corvid neighbors, Mr. Marzluff is enough to get our attention. He and his Seattle grad students have done foime research on cros behavior and smarts. Marzluff also wrote Subirdia, a great book on how some avian species have adopted and adapted our man-made habitats.

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