Posted by: atowhee | January 4, 2022


The dog and I spent some time at Deepwood during a lull in the showers. A kinglet followed us a short way along a forest path. See him?

This morning Pringle Creek was right at flood stage:

New blooms for the new year: violas.

In our garden the Mourning Doves have become regulars, anywhere from one to six at a time. The field survey code is MODO, so they have naturally morphed, verbally, into the “MOD Squad.”

Round our garden–standing Coop, possum prints on our porch, et al.

Minto Brown eagle

Click here for series of maps showing where forests are thriving where our species is destroying them.
Here in Salem an exotic invasive is clogging watwerways at Minto-Brown, our largest city park. Click here. Ir’s Uruguayan water primrose, also called Ludwigia.

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