Posted by: atowhee | December 31, 2021


It has been a birder’s year—outdoors, even alone, covid out of mind, the birds being themselves. No t a lot of travel, but birds being themselves. The local witwering sharpie had a good day–I found a small clutter of junco feathers scattered beneath a tree. Yellow-rumps were fkly-catching over Fairview Wetlands today. A hummer was warm enough to be buzzing around one of “his” feeders. A scad of robins were gathetred along a willowed ditch at the Oregon Fish & Wildlife Building.

January–I saw our first winter warblers in our garden here in Salem, click here.

February–A small, unusual flock of Long-eared Owls were publicized for being at Ankney NWR, near the Rail Boardwalk–click here.

March–In southern Oregon for winter birds, my fellow traveler, Albert Ryckman, had never seen a Great Gray Owl. Click here for his pics of the one who obliged us in the Jackson Ciounty Cascades.

April–Sprin migrants begin moving through the Willamette Valley–click here for first Dusky of the year.

May–migrants return for breeding season. CLick here for gallery from riverside birding.

June–A forty species morning at Baskett Slough, with visitors from Florida, click here.

July–:Lesser Goldfinches filagree the leaves on our sunflowers–click here.

August–Some birding along the Oregon Coast, click here.

September–Banding Swainson’s Thrushes (and others) at Luckiamute, click here.

October–A trip to Bodega Bay. Click here for one gallery–Snowy plover cuddled up with Sanderling on the beach. On our way south we couldn’t resist revisiting (click here) Great Gray Owl country.

November–Forget Thanksgiving, the best day in November is the day you bird Sauvie Island–click here.

December–Two Christmas Bird counts. Click here for Salem. Click here for McMinnville.

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